Fitness, Health and Nutrition Franchises

These are current Fitness, Health and Nutrition franchise opportunities available through Anchor Franchise Advisors. If you are interested in one of these, go to the Contact page and then complete and submit the email with all required information. A Consultant from Anchor Franchise Advisors will contact you for further evaluation.

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9 Round

9round is one of the fastest growing brands in franchising!

9round is a full body 30 minute workout, infusing elements of boxing and kickboxing. A fun, invigorating, results driven workout. Period. Over 100,000 members system wide, 280+ locations open, opening 2 new clubs weekly.

Workout changes daily, NO class schedule (you are never late), trainer ALWAYS included. In our model the trainer is often the owner.

Low investment, low overhead, quick ramp – up, solid validation, territories available.

AKT (Dance)

AKT combines strength, cardio and flexibility all in one class! Developed by international fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, is a ground-breaking fitness technique rooted in functional training. AKT combines circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, and dance cardio. The AKTechnique is unique, and its curriculum is always changing. They change their class content every 2-3 weeks to keep your muscles guessing, ensure you never plateau, and bring you the best of fitness.

Dancing is long-recognized by everyone from novice to serious athletes as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise. At the same time, their program is designed to be inclusive (and deliver quick results!) to those who are de-conditioned.

American Family Care Urgent Care Centers

American Family Care Urgent Care Centers (AFC) are designed to be high end Urgetn Care Centers with a physician in the center at all open hours, X-Ray, lab and pharmacy (in most states). AFC centers offer the convenience of walk-in service with minimal wait times. American Family Care Urgent Care Centers staff doctors who provided medical servies in a comfortable, clean and friendly environment.

American Family Care purchased the company is April 2013, a 35 year old "urgent care" company, and has 140 support personnel at the corporate office.

American Family Care Key Points:

  • Long waits at ER rooms plus less satisfaction and access to primary care physicians make Urgent Care the preferred client choice
  • 85% of American Family Care franchise owners are successful business people, and NOT physicians
  • The franchise operator focuses on marketing, admin, staffing, AP & AR, insurance billings, operations... leaving medical care to the Physicians Corporation
  • Quality care by fully certified doctors
  • Convenient hours and efficient walk-in services
  • Affordable prices and broad-based Insurance Plans & Medicare acceptance
  • "One-Stop" care: Medical exams, X-rays, On-site lab and Prescriptions

Apex Fun Run

APEX Fun Run is working hard to make fundraising easier!

APEX Fun Run is a 2-week hassle-free fundraiser promoting fitness and leadership for elementary schools. A team of athletes will be on campus for the full length of the program to teach students valuable leadership lessons, raise pledges, and serve the teachers.

Their method is to collaborate with school PTO/A's and faculty to build student leaders through a meaningful, “hassle-free” and financially successful school fun run.

They believe:

  • Every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way
  • Serving others brings the greatest joy and contributes to the greatest good
  • Learning by doing and exercise are both undervalued and under utilized in fundraising today
  • Encouragement and enthusiasm build others up—we will help build leaders
  • Raising money for your child’s school can also serve as a positive learning experience
  • Many people giving a little reduces the individual burden on the typical givers and donors

Teachers also "Have Skin in the Game" and that makes for highly-motivated and excited coaches. The teachers will coach their classroom teams to greater heights knowing that in the end, a portion of what the classroom raises goes straight back to the teacher for their classroom.

British Swim School

British Swim School is the leader in “Learn to Swim” programs. It was revolutionary in developing a survival program that enables the very young to survive an accident in water. It’s gentle fun program makes it a number one choice for all parents.

The business model, with low investment and even lower overheads make it a highly profitable, quick starting and fast break even business. Equally attractive is the fact that our franchisees have no build out. We contract with pools in Fitness Centers, Schools, Hotels, Sports clubs etc., bringing revenue to the host for an under-utilized loss leader facility. We have a perfect win/win situation!

Our Franchisees purchases a demographic area in which there are over twenty thousand children in a medium to high-income bracket. Within those parameters they are encouraged to open as many locations as they can find. Our top franchisee has 12 locations within one area. Her company teaches over 1000 children per week year round and will gross $1.2 million this year.


CITYROW offers instructor led group fitness workouts which pair high-intensity intervals of rowing with strength and mobility training for the most effective, dynamic workout on the market. The row machine is THE MOST EFFECTIVE stationary cardio machine on the market, but it needed an overhaul to make it sexy, accessible and fun for general fitness consumers. Thus, CITYROW was born.

CITYROW isn't just another workout. It's an experience that delivers results. Rowing is the future, poised to achieve the same level of consumer adoption as spinning and running. Long favored by athletes, trainers and physical therapists, the row machine is the most effective cardio machine on the market, working 84% of the body's muscles in every stroke with minimal impact to the joints. It's incredibly effective, challenging AND safe for the vast majority of the population and has longevity with its practitioners. Much like spinning and running before it, consumers just need to be educated and sold on its superior benefits.

CITYROW uses the WaterRower, which is the most visually appealing machine on the market. The WaterRower also provides a more fluid/organic rowing experience and is better overall for people who are non-rowers as they are significantly less jarring on the body.

Club Pilates

Club Pilates has launched a revolution in the Pilates industry! They are the largest network of Pilates studios in the industry! Club Pilates delivers the finest strength-training workout available for anyone, at any age and is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of bringing the benefits of Pilates to everybody in the world. For years, Pilates has not been widely accessible to the masses due to pricing and exclusivity. Today, they're overcoming those obstacles and barriers by offering franchise opportunities to make Pilates affordable and nurturing for as many people as possible. All of their studios are equipped with Pilates Reformers, Chairs, and Spring Boards, as well as mats, balls, weights, and barres. They have designed several signature class formats in order to fit the needs of many clients, from young to more senior, and from beginner to advanced, they want to be a good class fit for anyone.

The Club Pilates team has more combined hours studying, training, teaching and practicing Pilates than any other Pilates studio in existence. Club Pilates has perfected a unique and proprietary approach to ensuring every Club Pilates member receives the finest training and most effective results.

Core Progression Elite Personal Training

Core Progression is not your typical gym. They are a personal training centric, total body wellness, boutique style studio. By combining customized personal and semi-private training with group classes, wellness providers, and retail products they give clients a one-stop wellness shop.

Their goal is to change people’s lives for the better, not sign up as many members as possible to make a profit. Through experience, they discovered that big box gyms were treating personal training as an “add-on service” and not giving it the attention it deserved. Capitalizing on this oversight, Core Progression was developed to revolutionize the personal training industry where they match clients with trainers while providing unparalleled, results-driven training, nutritional education and preventative services such as chiropractors, and physical and massage therapists.

They strive to deliver the best personal training, at an affordable price, so everyone can experience a healtheir more fulfilling lifestyle and “Never Plateau”. By incorporating facility memberships, utilizing personality tests along with science based training that encompass total body wellness, it is no surprise that they have experienced 10 years of consistent growth and have outlasted many other fitness concepts.

The Personal Training industry is a $10 billion-a-year industry that is projected to grow 24% from 2010-2020. With an increased focus on health and weight loss, more people are hiring a fitness professional to help them. Currently, personal trainers are one of the top five fastest growing careers and one-on-one training has remained in the top ten fitness trends for the past nine years. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the top industry trends right now are body weight, HIIT, and strength training. These are all workouts Core Progression offers and continues to be an industry leader in. Not only that, but the increasing popularity of customized workouts and the new demand for smaller boutique style studios has Core Progression poised to be a stable and profitable franchise for years to come.


CycleBar is an inclusive and affordable experiential retail concept offering premium Indoor Cycling classes. Indoor cycling has been a defined fitness platform for nearly 30 years. 200,000 individuals have been certified as spinning instructors over the years and 10,000 new instructors get certified every year. These numbers provide empirical evidence that demand an awareness exist in each and every market.

What makes CycleBar a great franchise to own and operate?

As the FIRST and ONLY premium indoor cycling fitness concept offered as a Franchise opportunity, CycleBar was built to LEVERAGE this existing awareness and demand in every market and provide a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to enjoy an exceptionally high margin business that is relatively simple to operate. A unique and unmatched user experience! As an Executive Model, you can effectively hire someone to manage the studio and spend your time developing your other interests.

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping (FXB) is an industry-exclusive 10-week entry point to a group fitness program that guarantees transformational results. Since 2001, over 152,000 members have lost over 4.5 million pounds of body fat. No other fitness company can validate results like FXB-or match their cost-per workout!

Founded in martial arts philosophies, FXB has revolutionized member transformations through instructor-led kickboxing and strength training workouts. While most gyms focus solely on the physical aspects of a workout, FXB takes a comprehensive approach to fitness. FXB combines nutrition, technology, and accountability - along with nearly 20 years of experience delivering effective workouts - to produce unparalleled results.

FXB provides a safe and judgement-free environment for underserved individuals who have not experienced fitness success, but desire it. This audience represents the largest population in the fitness membership market.

Fitness Together

From the Exclusive, private fitness suites to the complete programming designed to hold clients accountable and produce results, The Fitness Together model was built with Trainers AND Clients in mind. Multiple trainers working in a clean, fully equipped studio, to maximize time and efficiency is their vision.

In a nutshell Fitness Together is a franchise category all of its own. Fitness Together has been a staple in the personal training franchise industry for over 20 years and is positioned for continued expansion and growth in the personalized training destination niche they have created.

Fitness Together was created by a personal trainer for personal trainers. The original founder saw an opportunity to maximize time and effort for profitability and to create a personal training destination. Multiple trainers working in a clean, fully equipped studio, maximizing time and efficiency was his vision for the future.

  • Private, in-suite training allows clients who may not otherwise want to work out in front of others, to get started on a fitness plan.
  • Clients come to you! No need to travel to clients.
  • Clients pre-pay for sessions – Potential cash flow from Day 1.

An Owner/Operator will be involved in all aspects of the business on a day to day. Additional hires will include: 3-8 trainers; some are part-time and some full-time. The owner / operator will lead:

  • KPI tracking and achievement of established business goals
  • Building a team and creating a positive culture
  • Daily operations and scheduling
  • Guest relations/customer service
  • Studio marketing and sales
  • Studio upkeep
  • Staff meetings

GymGuyz ranked GYMGUYZ the # 1 hottest new franchise to invest in!

GYMGUYZ is # 1 in Home Personal Training. As a mobile personal training and fitness company, GYMGUYZ makes it convenient for you to workout-We bring the gym to you, to a setting of your choice.

  • Turn Key operation
  • No need for brick and mortar
  • very low startup cost
  • Recurring revenue
  • Buy-in as an Owner or Owner/Operator

Our first franchisee, Sam Langer:

"Ever since opening GYMGUYZ of Westchester back in March, I have had the full support from the team at the corporate office in every facet of helping build my territory."

"Joining the GYMGUYZ team is not just about opening a business, but becoming part of a team and something that is much bigger and will only continue to grow."

"Within two months of opening our location, we were profitable and expanded to our second van."

  • Quick to open your business! 3 days of training in corporate headquarters and 2 days of training in your location. You can be up and running within 6 weeks.
  • No location needed to start your initial operations. You can work from home. As you grow will need to rent a small office to keep up with demand.
  • SUPPORT, SUPPORT, and SUPPORT! Ongoing support. GYMGUYZ is #1 in SUPPORT!

Home Helpers

Home Helpers is one of the nation's premiere and most comprehensive in-home care providers. In addition to senior care, they help new moms, people recovering from illness and surgeries, and those requiring continuing care for chronic and special-need challenges.

They are one of the few in-home care providers that offer BOTH medical and non-medical care. In addition, they offer their proprietary medical alert system, Direct link. Home Helpers has 4 distinct and diverse profit centers so our franchisees will be able to serve more clients, in more ways, for more income.

Honor Yoga

A non-intimidating, dedicated and purposeful complete yoga and meditation studio franchise with a significant ROI opportunity. The Honor Yoga mission is to provide a welcoming, beginner-friendly, and accessible to all yoga studio that fosters and supports the community and the environment. This reflects Honor's understanding and commitment to yoga as a practice supporting physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and community health and wellness. They guarantee that their mission is delivered with friendliness, warmth, and in studios that are built and maintained with the health and respect of the environment as essential to all wellness.

Their vision includes empowering franchise studio owners with the tools necessary to quickly become successful and situated for continued growth. Imagine the result of what they have created: health, wellness, and happiness for those who come to them to practice yoga because they've lived up to their mission and vision with the highest possible quality of teaching, class offerings, and training opportunities.

They value individuality, flexibility, commitment and dedication in how they work as a Family of franchisees and their Corporate Team.

Pure Barre

When Pure Barre was founded in 2001, they created a movement. Powered by friendly, supportive and high-energy studios, their incredible brand has inspired countless individuals to become better versions of themselves. Pure Barre continues to innovate their technique and expand their footprint across North America.

With 550+ studios across the U.S. and Canada, Pure Barre is the industry leader and only barre concept to make Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 list. Thanks to an ever-expanding network of dedicated studio owners, their passionate fan base has been stronger. By partnering with strong prospective franchisees, they'll continue to change the fitness landscape and build a positive, empowering community, motivating person change and touching more lives.

Relax the Back

Relax the Back (RTB) is the nation's largest specialty retailer of ergonomic and back care products generating over $90 million in annual sales. Offering lifestyle solutions for Office, Sleep, Massage, Travel, Health and Fitness, Relax The Back is a niche retail business offering a successful and satisfying lifestyle opportunity. RTB caters to the over age 35 growing population, including the 80% of the people who suffer with back and postural issues. A focused franchisor, RTB provides nationally negotiated product prices and multiple unit potential. Top selling points:

  • Health & Fitness is a $112 Billion industry, and growing! Right business at the right time
  • RTB stores operate at an average 52% gross margin
  • High level of repeat and word of mouth customers
  • Easy operating hours – 10-7
  • Low employee count – 2-3 including owner


Romp n' Roll is the place three month to five year old children go to experience socialization, fun, and learning in a safe, nurturing environment.

It is:

  1. A kid-tested and approved gym, art and music experience designed for socialization, fun and learning.
  2. A reliable, well-established children's company with trained, expert instructors.
  3. Unique educational and play-based curriculum with a new theme every week that provides a strong learning foundation.

Row house

Row House is revolutionizing the rowing exercise segment! Recognized by serious athletes for decades as one of the most effective forms of full-body exercise, Rowing is one of the main pillars of fitness and works the upper body, lower body and core all at once. With their inclusive program design and communal experience, all levels of clients can benefit from their non-impact group workouts as over 85% of the body's muscles are worked with every stroke! Why work different muscle groups on different days, when you can work all in a single workout with them?

They are a coach-led, 45 minute class of up to 25 and they row as a crew! They believe in connection and they believe diversity leads to inspiration, so whether you're just starting out or an experienced athlete, you will find a home in their crew. They alternate between cardio work on best-in-class Ergometer Rowing Machines and bodyweight strength training on the floor. You'll increase your core strength, improve cardiovascular health and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout where YOU apply the resistance and their interval training workout keeps your body burning calories. The freedom of controlling your own resistance allows you to maintain rhythm and swing with the group, while selecting your own difficulty level.

Row House caters to a broad age range, uni-sex market. In fact, much of the inspiration behind Row House comes from a co-founder's cousin, who adopted rowing at age 50 and rowed each day until 94 years old, declaring it as his secret to a long and healthy life! Row House is an early mover in the group rowing boutique fitness segment and the first to be launching nationally in all markets across the country, with the infrastructure to support rapid growth.

Rush Bowls

Three Pack Minimum unless other locations are being developed in close proximity - Since 2004, Rush Bowls has been redefining what it means to eat well on the go. Rush Bowls core product line features all natural fruit, granola and other wholesome ingredients, crafted into nutritious and convenient bowls that are complete meals yet taste like sinful indulgences. They satisfy the rapidly growing market of consumers demanding fresh, healthy, great tasting, “guilt-free” food that fuels their busy lifestyles.

With guidance from an executive team who are currently recognized amongst Restaurant Finance Monitor’s Top 25, a highly profitable business model, award winning recipes, marketing support and a low cost startup plan, Rush Bowls has recently begun awarding franchise opportunities to select entrepreneurs. With natural food sales continuing to grow rapidly, Rush Bowls is poised for success throughout 2020 and onward.

Stretch Lab

StretchLab is revolutionizing the assisted-stretching segment in boutique fitness! Stretching is a pillar program in fitness and an integral part to a healthy lifestyle. Getting in a good daily workout is important, but stretching before and after you exercise is equally, if not more, important. Flexibility decreases excessive tension on muscles and relieves stress from joints. It also corrects muscle imbalances, which helps to improve your overall fitness and helps decrease the risk of injury. Stretching can help you perform better in your workout, sports and everyday life. It improves muscle strength and increases your agility as well as speed, which can help you in your everyday activities. Keeping up a consistent stretching routine can prevent both small and serious future injuries.

Even if you do not work out regularly you will still see great benefits from StretchLab's assisted stretching. Stretching your muscles as often as possible is the most effective way to improve your flexibility. Their FLEXOLOGISTS offer one-on-one personalized stretching services that will help you run faster, stand straighter and move better! Depending on your preference and your workout regimen, you can do it before or after your workout - or any time in between.


STRIDE is here to reinvent the definition of a runner with their dynamic indoor running studios across the country! Recognized by serious athletes for decades as one of the easiest, most engaging, and most effective ways to achieve your mental & physical goals. Running is one of the main pillars of fitness and works in every market in the country. STRIDE is the most unique premium indoor running studio with classes designed for any level of walker, jogger or runner. STRIDE coaches lead you through strategic interval cardio & strength training classes where you choose the speed and intensity. Classes are sound tracked with electrifying, body-moving music while clients wear custom heart rate monitors to track undeniable results and maximize their potential in each workout. A combination of expert STRIDE Certified Run Coaches, state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills, and a supportive & empowering environment set STRIDE apart and above.

STRIDE caters to a broad age range, unisex market. The STRIDE brand aims to create a space that is inclusive, empowering, and transformative for clients of all ages and fitness levels. STRIDE was born out of an early mover in the group running boutique fitness segment and is the first to be launching nationally in all markets across the country, with the infrastructure to support rapid growth.

The Camp Transformation Center

The Camp Transformation Center was created 8 years ago by Dr. Sam Bahktiar a well know competitor in the fitness world and Alejandra Font also a well-known fitness competitor and resource for nutrition in Southern California. Luis Font also a co-founder was essential in growing the independent locations. Under Mr. Fonts guidance grew the independent system to 20 locations across the country with a high concentration in Southern California where the TC was founded in 2010.

The TC was originally an independent fitness center and began to license only when prompted by staff and members that had experienced the results and culture in 2013 and ultimately began franchising in 2017.

The Camp provides a true complete fitness solution with a focus on weight loss. We market for members via digital marketing. This customer base is vastly underserved, so we avoid directly competing with the other brands that focus more on heavy lift, boxing or advanced fitness.

TC members usually start off as challengers, they experience huge results widely publicized via social media they become believers and enroll as members which provides residual income streams. Results largely achieved by proprietary supplement products, meal planning & education, with corresponding proven fitness methods and an extremely tight and motivational support systems creates very high retention and recruitment. Revenue streams include: Combined programs, events, supplements, merchandise, challenges and memberships.

Title Boxing Club

Title Boxing Club is a dynamic boutique fitness concept offering total body workouts utilizing boxing and kick-boxing movements in trainer-led group classes. The classes are non-contact and focused exclusively on fitness. They do not teach our members how to box, kick box or grapple. The results-oriented workout is designed to burn fat while building muscle providing a total body workout that burns 1000+ calories per hour. The value proposition is that the members receive unlimited “personal training quality” workouts for one low fixed monthly price. As a boutique fitness facility, They are able to cultivate a club culture profoundly different from the traditional fitness facility.

Features of business

  • 2015 Inc. 5000 #1 ranked Fastest Growing Franchise – over 1770% system sales growth in past 3 years!
  • Recurring and predictable revenue from our membership based business model
  • 3 revenue streams: memberships, personal training and retail
  • Boutique fitness club focusing on 2,200 – 2,800 square foot locations
  • Their club design was recognized by the American Institute of Architects
  • They have partner programs with Nike, Under Armour, Gatorade, and Everlast
  • Media friendly brand having appeared on Bloomberg TV, Fox & Friends, Fox Business News, Dan Patrick Show, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders- Making the Team, Jimmy Kimmel, and tons of local TV
  • They've gone international with our first location in Cancun, Mexico

Function of the owner/daily tasks

The owner is first and foremost responsible for ensuring the club delivers an exceptional experience to the members during every Power Hour workout. Owners will use the “TITLE Boxing Club Brand Score” to ensure critical elements of the system are being followed to deliver that trademark experience! Owners hire and manage staff, engage in community marketing, manage their P&L, and drive sales & membership growth. A TITLE Boxing Club Director of Field Operations is available to assist and coach on these functions.

Desired background of prospects and Ideal candidate

  • While no professional fitness experience is required, a passion for fitness and a fitness lifestyle is helpful
  • Must possess a passion for changing people’s lives
  • Strong business acumen
  • Good management & leadership skills
  • Operations skills a plus
  • Service oriented/Customer Driven
  • Motivated & Energetic

Tough Mudder Bootcamp

Join one of the world’s most iconic brands as they disrupt the fitness industry… again.

Tough Mudder is Launching a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) boot camp built in the tenants of functional fitness and team work. This is a franchise candidate’s opportunity to pioneer a brand with the largest OCR Company in the world with and instant customer base of 3,000,000 people!

People have been training for Tough Mudder for years, now they are putting a name on it. The Tough Mudder Bootcamp is designed to bring the Tough Mudder and local community together, while providing the best group based functional fitness workout. The affordable price point for classes brings the teamwork, camaraderie, and fun that make a Tough Mudder unique, to even more people. Moreover, integration with Tough Mudder events unites members around a common goal, while introducing new members who want to join the Tribe.

Why Tough Mudder Bootcamp:

  • Executive model franchise
  • nstant customer base: 3 million+ Tough Mudder participants and 5 million+ followers on all social media
  • Unparalleled marketing support and the ability to geo-target all participants and followers
  • Wide open growth: prime territory available in all major DMA's
  • 2000 - 3000 sq. ft. real estate footprint, minimal inventory and small staff, means low initial investment and low overhead costs.
  • $50,000 initial franchise fee - $500,000 net worth requirement

USA Ninja Challenge

USA Ninja Challenge has developed an obstacle course skills program that incorporates basic skill sets from gymnastics, climbing, cross training and track and field. Ninja Challenge is open to boys and girls ages 4 to 18. The program is designated to meet the requirements of a full physical fitness program for today’s youth. They incorporate standard gymnastics apparatus including rings, bars, and balance beams and tumbling surfaces. Other specialized ninja training equipment is also used, such as cargo nets, traverse walls, slack lines, ropes and ladders. Each portion of every obstacle course also includes corresponding conditioning and flexibility stations. The desired result of this program is to improve children’s strength, flexibility and all-around athleticism.

Combining Fitness with Children’s Entertainment makes for one of the most exciting and unique youth fitness franchise opportunities in the industry! Their competitive landscape is slim to none, providing them with a simple path to extreme growth. They have proprietary structures that set them apart from other concepts. This allows them to benefit in an industry that has an untapped earning potential. Everyone involved is very excited about the possibilities that this program holds.

By owning a USA Ninja Challenge franchise, your client will invest in an opportunity where there are a number of potential revenue streams available. Their obstacle courses combine the elements of exercise and fun, meeting the requirements of a children’s fitness training program. The ever-booming fitness industry integrated with the ever-profitable child entertainment industry allows them to be the influential front-runners of their segment.

Yoga Six

YOGA SIX is changing the way people think and experience yoga. With modern day yoga instruction, the diverse yoga and fitness programs include movement and intensity to meet the complete needs of any fitness goal and support continuous progression. Whether your focus is on deep stretching, stress relief, or high intensity workouts that challenge you every step of the way, YOGA SIX has a class to fit every fitness level that is energizing, empowering, and fun.

  • Yoga Six is the evolution and modernization of yoga in the fitness boutique space.
  • Attractive consumer-oriented concept to serve the fast-growing market for boutique fitness.
  • Another brand from the powerhouse parent Franchisor XPONENTIAL Fitness!