Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchises

These are current Laundry and Dry Cleaning franchise opportunities available through Anchor Franchise Advisors. If you are interested in one of these, go to the Contact page and then complete and submit the email with all required information. A Consultant from Anchor Franchise Advisors will contact you for further evaluation.

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Earth Friendly Plant ~ Combine a retail store with your own plant to process your garments & those of other stores. In some areas we have Lapels stores anxiously awaiting your opening. And the best part is that you are operating an environmentally friendly dry cleaning plant. This is better for you, your employees, your customers and your landlord.

Multi Unit ~ The Lapels Multi Unit Program is designed to enable the serious investor to dominate an exclusive geographic territory by building a main processing plant and one or more satellite stores and a delivery route. This program will guarantee consistency in quality and service throughout your territory beginning in the main processing plant. Additionally you will be able to offer a home delivery service throughout your territory, seek out major corporate accounts by offering an employee benefit and perform guest services for hotels.

All of our programs consist of territory configuration or site selection, layout and design, point of sale system with proprietary software, equipment, installation, signage, supplies, marketing and training.

Martinizing Dry Cleaning

New ownership! New business model!

A revolutionary makeover to the industry giant…Martinizing Dry Cleaning has been around for decades, but recently was acquired by The Huntington Company in Berkley, MI. Our dynamic “hub and spoke” re-designed franchise opportunity is revolutionizing the industry, and we’ve now added new services to diversify and expand our reach. Welcome to the new Martinizing Dry Cleaning, which now features:

  • Traditional retail dry cleaning and laundry store
  • Residential dry cleaning and laundry delivery routes
  • Commercial dry cleaning and laundry delivery routes
  • Dry cleaning and laundry locker systems in commercial buildings and multi-unit dwellings
  • On-demand dry cleaning and laundry services (think Uber, but for dry cleaning instead of taxi)


WaveMAX has developed a system to change the way coin laundry locations are perceived and operated.

The industry has primarily been made up of Mom and Pop operators who are taken advantage of by the washer and dryer Distributors whose sole purpose is to sell equipment to these non-business savvy operators. The industry has no brand, no business sophistication and massive turn over from operator to operator.

These naïve owners sign long term leases in buildings that are not the right fit for their businesses and over build the location with too much equipment and are saddled in debt financing. Hence the industry today is thriving for manufacturers as they continue to support this structure of over build in too large of spaces and then disappear once the equipment is sold. This results in too high of rent, too high of construction costs and too high of equipment financing that will not allow a net margin to justify the investment.

WaveMAX's "Secret Sauce":

As cliché as it is location, location, location is obviously number one. They have developed their own proprietary approach to discerning the best possible real estate play for their locations. It includes:

  • Right Site (Understand Demographics and Competition in the area) +
  • Right Size (Best size store based on Demographics and Competition) +
  • Right Mix (Best mix of Equipment for the Site) =
  • Maximum Profits (Keep all costs under control for maximum profits)

Key Factors:

  • Fantastic absentee business model
  • Extremely low employee count
  • A business that makes money when the franchisee is not around
  • Not fast food
  • Mature industry with no national brands