Medical Franchises

These are current Medical franchise opportunities available through Anchor Franchise Advisors. If you are interested in one of these, go to the Contact page and then complete and submit the email with all required information. A Consultant from Anchor Franchise Advisors will contact you for further evaluation.

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What makes ACTi-KARE unique? We offer additional non-medical services beyond Senior Care. ACTi-KARE offers Family Care services ranging from our Child Care program, caring for children and for children with special needs, to our Mommy & Me program and Mommy-To-Be program, caring for expectant mothers and postnatal care for mother and baby.

We also offer Personal Injury Care and Recovery Care, caring for those recovering from an injury or surgery. ACTi-KARE franchisees provide superior caregiving services to the whole family in the comfort of their own homes. Anyone who is homebound due to illness or injury is a potential client for our franchise owners!Franchise owners manage a staff of caregivers that help our clients live happier, more active lives.

We offer Call Center services so you don’t miss a call. Our clients’ love us because we answer calls live! The Call Center can also make outbound calls to referall sources (hospitals, skilled care facilities, rehab centers, home health and hospice). The best part is the Call Center is included in the Corporate Marketing Plan at no extra charge!

Arcpoint Labs

Today ARCpoint Labs is a full-fledged testing lab offering a diverse portfolio of testing services to both the business and consumer markets. They have found their franchise opportunity is best suited for middle to upper management individuals who have had 10 or more years of professional, business-to-business sales, consulting or business ownership experience.

During the first six months of operation, owners can work out of their homes selling/marketing ARCpoint MD, their tele-health service. Here, over 1,300 doctors are available 24/7 to diagnose, treat and write prescriptions via Skype, video or telephone call consultation without being face-face with the physician. ARCpoint MD is a supplemental health care program that is proven to reduce annual health expenses.

Six months later when their 1,500 sq./ft lab opens, owners can pursue any one of the following revenue opportunities. 1) Workplace testing including drug, alcohol, background screens and D.O.T. consultation; 2) Direct-to-Consumer Testing including paternity, infidelity, STD, personal genetics or other DNA testing; 3) Business-to-Physician offering multi-testing services to physicians and the medical community; and 4) Business-to-Judicial testing for the court systems including drug court, pre-trial intervention, social services, immigration, and child custody cases. Some of these services can also be conducted on-site or mobily.

ATC Healthcare Services

ATC is a staffing business that assists facilities with any healthcare related staffing needs. From hospitals, to long term care facilities, to primary care locations, Dentists offices, laboratories, correctional facilities, school districts, and many others.

They are a service-based business, there is a tremendous need out there for staffing as a whole and higher demands in the Healthcare field than ever before. If they enjoy helping people, they will get great satisfaction out of this business, you help companies reach their goals of hiring staff and you help people obtain better careers or increase their income through supplemental staffing. The upside is unlimited. It is a business that provides residual income, every hour that someone works at a client, it is billed. The more applicants on assignment, the bigger the business and many assignments or projects continue for an extended period of time. They float the payroll weekly and cover the insurances for the associates working in the field, they do the billing and collections with the clients so the franchisee can focus on the money making activities: client development, client relationship, recruitment of candidates and filling the orders.

Fastest Labs

Fastest Labs offers drug, alcohol, DNA paternity and background screening. They focus on SPEED and the customer experience. $1.5 billion growth industry. Fastest Labs will see clients within 5 minutes rather than a typical 1 hour wait at a medical facility, they send rapid test results immediately, rather than in 1 to 3 days and they can meet or beat competitor pricing. Low cost start up, high margins, 9-5 banker's hours and thorough franchisee training make a Fastest Labs drug testing franchise extremely appealing.

Franchisee must be a full-time owner operator with critical skill sets in sales, marketing and/or customer service. They must enjoy networking and serving others because they are in the people business. They look for franchisees that are committed to their Fastest Labs model and have a passion for their industry. They search for extremely positive people that are driven to succeed.


RX2Live is the #1 Medical Support Franchise in the U.S. Providing Superior Healthcare Programs Positively Impacting Millions of Lives.

RX2Live is the first company to franchise medical services, workplace wellness, and senior wellness systems on the same platform. We represent a $500 billion-per-year industry, which is significantly more than all fast-food restaurants combined. Health and wellness services are in high demand — 88 percent of the population wants some or all the services offered. While the benefits of franchise ownership are many, owning an RX2Live franchise provides even more rewards. A B2B opportunity, an RX2Live franchise owner can:

  • Change people’s lives by providing health and wellness products and services.
  • Have control of one’s own life by making your own decisions to build wealth.
  • Work your own hours providing flexibility and lifestyle.
  • Build your own dreams rather than someone else’s.
  • Develop leadership skills.
  • Generate a residual income.
  • Scale as large or as small as you want.
  • Start the business on a part-time basis.
  • Home-based Business without the need for employees.
  • 17 Income streams.
  • No overhead.
  • Leverage a proven system and a deeply successful management team.
  • Reduce risk by receiving business from national and regional accounts.
  • Double or triple the Net Income of your Client’s existing business without adding new employees or patients.
  • No competition!
  • Avoid start-up fees for most services.
  • Rely on low investment, low risk and low overhead.
  • Outstanding ROI with fast ramp up and tremendous residual income opportunity.

Stretch Lab

StretchLab is revolutionizing the assisted-stretching segment in boutique fitness! Stretching is a pillar program in fitness and an integral part to a healthy lifestyle. Getting in a good daily workout is important, but stretching before and after you exercise is equally, if not more, important. Flexibility decreases excessive tension on muscles and relieves stress from joints. It also corrects muscle imbalances, which helps to improve your overall fitness and helps decrease the risk of injury. Stretching can help you perform better in your workout, sports and everyday life. It improves muscle strength and increases your agility as well as speed, which can help you in your everyday activities. Keeping up a consistent stretching routine can prevent both small and serious future injuries.

Even if you do not work out regularly you will still see great benefits from StretchLab's assisted stretching. Stretching your muscles as often as possible is the most effective way to improve your flexibility. Their FLEXOLOGISTS offer one-on-one personalized stretching services that will help you run faster, stand straighter and move better! Depending on your preference and your workout regimen, you can do it before or after your workout - or any time in between.