Miscellaneous and Unique Franchises

These are current Miscellaneous and Unique franchise opportunities available through Anchor Franchise Advisors. If you are interested in one of these, go to the Contact page and then complete and submit the email with all required information. A Consultant from Anchor Franchise Advisors will contact you for further evaluation.

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ACFN provides ATM services to the hospitality and entertainment industries including popular restaurants in tourist locations, breweries, convention centers, museums, hospitals, national parks and other high traffic local businesses. ACFN is the largest ATM provider to hotels in the United States with more than 1,000 hotels in their network. ACFN researches the areas of operation for each franchisee to identify and prequalify suitable venues for ATM placement. The franchisees visit and approve the proposed locations and ACFN’s sales and marketing team handles all the negotiating to secure contracts for ATM placements.

The Franchisees own and operate the ATMs visiting their locations once a week. The average visit takes only 2-3 minutes per location and all of the back office services such as accounting, bill pay, customer and technical support services are provided by ACFNs Headquarter.

This is a home based business with low initial capital requirements and does not require any employees. An ACFN ATM Franchise model is flexible allowing franchisees to start part time generating a supplemental income and later grow into a full time business. The part time supplemental structure is a good fit for prospective franchisees interested in adding to current activities without having to leave the security of their job or disrupting other sources of income. ACFN is the only ATM franchise in North America providing ATM services since 1996. They started their franchise in 2003 and today have 250 franchise owners across the U.S. and Canada that own and manage more than 2,350 ATMs.

Key Facts:

  • Franchisee gets paid from every transaction at each of their ATMs
  • Part time business that is scalable to full time
  • No overhead
  • No Employees
  • No Selling
  • Managed from home or any mobile device
  • Manage their own flexible schedule
  • Low cost, hight return business opportunity
  • Recognized as one of the Top Franchise in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 four years running
  • No prior ATM or business experience is needed - strong corporate support
  • Veteran discount
  • 401K qualified

AMH Enterprises

AMH Enterprises is a great opportunity to own a business in government selling. Government selling is a lucrative market, with the added bonus of low startup costs and the ability to work from home. AMH provides a proven, step-by-step system for selling to the government.

All 50 states and local cities and counties put commodities out for bid.

AMH provides complete training, systems and support for their franchisees! They train on how to engage with Government buyers, how to locate opportunities, where and how to find unusual items the government typically purchases and how to negotiate in different purchasing situations. AMH provides the training and ongoing help.

Bio One

Bio-One Inc. is the world’s most recognizable crime & trauma scene franchise in the world. When purchasing a Bio-One, the franchisee will get 2 franchises for the price of one, Bio and Hoarding. In 7 years of franchising they have never had anyone not make his or her money back in the 1st year of operation, fully in the black within 16 months. They work with all law enforcement, DOJ, DOD, and FBI. They are also the only private FEMA “Pro Stared” company in the nation. They have won multiple awards as well as being in the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for last years class.

Fastest Labs

Fastest Labs offers drug, alcohol, DNA paternity and background screening. They focus on SPEED and the customer experience. $1.5 billion growth industry. Fastest Labs will see clients within 5 minutes rather than a typical 1 hour wait at a medical facility, they send rapid test results immediately, rather than in 1 to 3 days and they can meet or beat competitor pricing. Low cost start up, high margins, 9-5 banker's hours and thorough franchisee training make a Fastest Labs drug testing franchise extremely appealing.

Franchisee must be a full-time owner operator with critical skill sets in sales, marketing and/or customer service. They must enjoy networking and serving others because they are in the people business. They look for franchisees that are committed to their Fastest Labs model and have a passion for their industry. They search for extremely positive people that are driven to succeed.

Lash Lounge

The Lash Lounge is part of the $62 Billion per year beauty industry. The beauty industry has proven to be recession resistant. As a result of technology advancements, the eyelash extension business is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry today! They are revolutionizing non-invasive, non-surgical beauty enhancement for women of all ages. There is a large segment of the female population that puts a priority on their youthful appearance, but choose not to have permanent, invasive procedures. These women value their appearance, and are willing to pay for the stunning, natural, effortless beauty results that are achieved with lash extensions. That willingness, is what is driving the growth of the lash industry today!

Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad protects families, children and pets from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other outdoor pests so they can spend more time outside without the risk of bites and insect borne diseases.

Mosquito Squad uses a very simple, systemized business model to protect clients in one of three ways: (1) a barrier spray application applied every 21-day cycle; (2) one-time special event sprays; and (3) permanently installed automatic misting systems.

Its strong recurring revenue stream and margins offer a very attractive business for potential franchisees on a stand-alone basis, as a terrific add-on business to an existing outdoor service company or as a seasonal business opportunity.

StormGuard Roofing and Construction

Why A Storm Guard Franchise?

Insurance companies in 2014 paid out more than $14 billion for thunderstorm damage alone. This is a huge industry with no national franchised competition!

  • No construction experience preferred or needed (Management skills and/or sales management wanted)
  • Ranked #108 in the Top 500 Franchisors by Entrpereneur Magazine
  • Executive Business Model (manage managers that implement the business)
  • Small office needed (1,500 square feet); Flex space (office/small warehouse)
  • Average investment $300,000 (includes $75,000 in working capital after all aspects of business are set up) for a single-multiple territories
  • Exterior business and residential insurance restoration and non-insurance restoration and general construction business
  • Roofing, siding, windows and gutters insurance and non-insurance restoration
  • Multi-territory available
  • Competition is very fragmented
  • Sales team recruiting program for franchisees